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Women castrate animals? - ., The practice of castrating animals has been performed by men and women for hundreds of years. castrating is unsexing a male animal and most animal rights activists. Castration male eunuch - dr piyush saxena, 436 life of a eunuch some countries, castration involving removal of all male genitalia was seen as the same as a death sentence. 3. castration as a preventive measure. Male eunuch castration, 24 september 2010 g:\tg\z4 male to eunuch castration.doc 1 male to eunuch castration castration (also referred to as: , spaying, neutering, geldingfixing, orchiectomy,.

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Being Castrated http://web.mit.edu/stclair/www/shinuglyblog/blog/index
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